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Slice supports, separators and others

Slice supports

We have semi-rigid sheets available to our customers, which are ideal for supporting slices. These slice supports make it very easy to insert the sliced product inside the bag, while serving as an excellent presentation.


  • Supports for rectangular slices measuring 25X16.5 cm (ideal for 20X30 cm bags)
  • Supports for circular slices with a diameter of 22.5 cm (ideal for 25X30 cm bags)

Slice separators

We offer our clients the possibility of using these slice separators with a view to preventing vacuum-packed slices from sticking and thus facilitating the consumption of the final product.

These separators are ideal for introducing the sliced product (ham, meat, cheese…) into the vacuum bags while also helping to introduce the product into the bag.



Paper bags for food

These types of bags combine paper with plastic and come with a reusable adhesive closure, allowing them to be opened and closed on multiple occasions. This hermetic seal prevents the release of liquids making it ideal for transporting and preserving food until it is consumed.

These bags are suitable for freezing and can be used for all kinds of fresh products, including meat, fish and bakery products.

These bags are available in white and kraft coloured paper, with one side left transparent to ensure that the product inside is well presented.


  • White paper bag measuring 20x30 cm
  • Kraft coloured paper bag measuring 20x30 cm
  • Kraft coloured paper bag measuring 25x30 cm



Semi-tube rolls

We also offer our clients blue semi-tube rolls (50 Kg/roll) that are suitable for contact with food.

They adapt to any shape even if they are most commonly placed in cardboard boxes or plastic trays to act as a barrier between fresh product and the containers.

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